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Welcome to Some Comfort & Joy

Do you know the secret to aging well?

To raising well adjusted kids?

Our culture has a lot of ideas about what it takes, and often those demands and expectations fall to those of us in caregiving roles.

This fall, we are focusing on the practices and practicalities of moving from surviving to thriving, drawing on the wisdom and comfort of Psalm 139. 

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Spiritual Practices: Hopeful Future (Comfort- Luke 24:33)

“It is true! The Lord has risen.” -Luke 24:33 One of the gifts of faith, is being grounded in the hope of a good future. Even when our circumstances are challenging, the stories of scripture remind us of God’s faithful presence and the promise that this is not the end of our story. When peopleContinue reading “Spiritual Practices: Hopeful Future (Comfort- Luke 24:33)”