Maundy Thursday: Loving One Another (Seder Meal +Footwashing)

Today the church honors Maundy Thursday. 

The word maundy is from the Latin word for command. And this is a time when we focus on Jesus’ command to “love one another as I have loved you,” by sharing a meal together and washing each others’ feet as modeled by Jesus in John 13. 

Many churches offer a Maundy Thursday service. Consider joining in this ritual at a church in your local community or gather with your family and friends for a meal, including part of the Seder meal menu or offer the traditional words of blessing. 

The Seder meal is a Jewish ritual that commemorates both suffering and joy; it’s a simple meal with foods reminiscent of the Passover meal. Christians often share in this ritual and words of blessing as they mark Maundy Thursday.

Blessed are You our Lord, our God who is the King of the universe, who has kept us in life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this season.

Food ItemExamplesSymbolism
KarpasparsleyInitial flourishing in Egypt; sign of spring
MarorBitter herbs (like horseradish)The bitterness of slavery
HarosetApples with cinnamon and raisins or nutsLike mortar,recognizing the work in Egypt
Unleavened BreadCrackers, matzoh, pita bread, tortillasFood for the journey
BeitzahHard boiled eggThe cycle of life; hope of new life
LambLamb chops, leg of lamb, lamb roastPassover Lamb; reminder of sacrifice before fleeing Egypt

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