From Surviving to Thriving: The Joy of My Work

Studies show that the level of self-compassion we have for ourselves directly correlates to the amount of grace and care we are able to extend to others. 

When the demands on our time are intense, whether from emotionally demanding work outside of the home, the efforts of parenting, or the exhaustion that comes from caregiving, often the care for our own needs and dreams gets dropped off the to-do list. The tyranny of the urgent pushes out our own self-care (let alone any hobbies or guilty pleasures). 

You are the only one who can care for your body and well-being. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take a few moments today to do something kind for yourself. Watch a favorite show, start reading a novel, listen to music that brings a smile to your face or invite a friend to meet for coffee. 

Tender Creator God, may I remember that you look at me with love. May I speak with kindness and compassion to myself and to those I am caring for. Amen. 

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Some Comfort and Joy was developed as a devotional resource that follows the rhythms and seasons of the liturgical year from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective.

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