Embodied Existence

Last week, I took a few days away from my normal life and found myself eating my way through one of my favorite cities.

While it was fun to have some space from the rhythms of parenting, cooking and housekeeping, the primary reason I was in Harrisonburg was to spend some in-person time with Gwen working on a number of (exciting) upcoming projects for Some Comfort and Joy. 

Over lattes and pastries, we put the finishing touches on our upcoming series. Drawing from our experiences as women raised in the church in North America, we have been processing what we have been taught about our bodies, reckoning with the realities of illness and aging. 

With our signature mix of reflections and invitations to practice we are excited to share this tender and sacred series with you beginning April 13th. 

If you are subscribed to our blog at www.somecomfortandjoy.com, the twice weekly posts will come directly to your inbox. 

It is such an encouragement and joy when you share our work with others. Please invite your friends to follow our work as we begin our new series of exploring the good gifts of an embodied existence. 

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