Comfort for fall: Signs of Creation (Psalm 146:1,3,5-6)

“Hallelujah!  O my soul, praise God!  All my life long I’ll praise God, . . . Don’t put your hope in the hands of experts who know nothing of life, of salvation life, . . .Instead get help from the God of Jacob. . God made sky and soil, sea and all the fish inContinue reading “Comfort for fall: Signs of Creation (Psalm 146:1,3,5-6)”

Endings, Beginnings and Change

We are soaking up the last bits of summer and preparing our homes and families for the fall rhythms and routines.  Transitions are opportunities to recognize and release the things that one season has held and turn our attention towards the possibilities and promises that come with something new.  May you embrace the grief andContinue reading “Endings, Beginnings and Change”