Who We Are…

Friends + Working Moms + Anabaptist Christians

We created this space to offer encouragement and inspiration in the midst of the challenges of every day life.

Each week of our chosen series, we share a reflection (comfort) and then a few days later a practice prompt (joy) focused around scripture texts read through an Anabaptist lens.


Sherah-Leigh Gerber

The friend you want to grab a cup of coffee with when you are sorting through life, Sherah-Leigh is an ordained minister in Mennonite Church USA, working as the Regional Pastor for the eastern part of Ohio Conference. Along with her husband and two school-aged kids, Sherah-Leigh lives in rural Ohio. She enjoys complex board games, baking, reading and writing. Get her poetry, recipes and book reviews direct to your inbox by following her blog, Around the Table.

Gwen Lantz

Gwen is the friend to chat with if you need an encouraging word or a listening ear. She enjoys living life in Harrisonburg, VA where she works part-time as a school librarian, Airbnb operator, writer, and family coordinator.  She has a Master’s degree in Education with a School Library certification.  Gwen enjoys gardening, keeping chickens, cooking, reading, hanging out with her husband & two sons, and, of course, writing! Read more of her writing at Bake. Book It. Be.

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